Karting time at Best4u Development
October 23, 2017

Karting time at Best4u Development

We have decided to spend the Friday after-work at Formula Kart, a 430 meters karting route near Chisinau. Actually, many developers like this kind of activity, mainly because they are working in front of a computer all day. Changing environment has a lot of benefits!

But, the time wasn’t friendly with us and it started to rain just 1 hour before our planned event. It was supposed to celebrate the Chisinau Anniversary and Wine day, but the weather changed our plans. So, we waited for the closest sunny day, and breaking all corporate non-written rules, went to Karting on Tuesday. We took with us some beer, chips and peanuts, and 3 bottles of Cricova champagne for the winners of so called “competition”!

First half hour we just had fun. Girls, only two of us, Valeria and Mihaela, were the most cautious, but Valeria gained more courage and increased the speed. Guys made the difference. They competed for first place every second.
By the end, the first three winners were determined. They are:
Nicolae Tabaran, PHP Team Lead – best result 30’11’’
Vitalie Volcov, CMS Developer – 30’17’’
Ion Bunescu, PHP Developer – 30’88’’

By the way, Karting supervisor told me that 90% of companies that come for karting are IT companies, and the employees really enjoy this activity. As it was our case! 🙂