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Emmo’s trip to Moldova
October 13, 2017

Emmo’s trip to Moldova

Last week the Dutch business leader Media/CMS, Emmo, came to Chisinau. We evaluated the third quarter, introduced our new Moldovan colleagues to Emmo and of course we planned some teambuilding activities. In this photo blog Emmo shows his activities of his week in Chisinau.

Day 1, Monday 2 October

My alarm is set really early (03:15 A.M), because I need to leave my house at 04:00 A.M. to drive to Düsseldorf Airport. From Düsseldorf we fly to München, where we switch on a plane to Chisinau. We land at 11:50 A.M. Moldovan time. After a quick control at the airport we drive to our hotel, where we have a quick lunch.

Now it’s time to go to the Best4u Development SRL headquarter. Two colleagues are celebrating their birthdays, so we have a really good start of the week with cake and champagne. It’s a warm welcome!

The first meetings are planned with the new Moldovan colleagues and the WordPress teamleader. At night we enjoy dinner and prepare for day 2.

Vladimir (left) and Alexandru (right) are celebrating their birthdays with cake and champagne.

Day 2, Tuesday 3 October

At 09:00 A.M. I arrive at the headquarter in Chisinau for day two. Workdays always start a bit later in Moldova than in Holland (at home I usually start working at 08:00 A.M.). Today we will evaluate the third quarter, but first I have a meeting with Serghei Covali to prepare our meetings for today and tomorrow.

This afternoon we planned three conversations to discuss the results of the third quarter. We also make new appointments and KPI’s for the fourth quarter when it comes to Magento, WordPress and custom projects.

While having dinner, we discuss about product innovation for 2018. But first we spend time at the GYM at the hotel.

Day 3, Wednesday 4 October

This morning we’re having a meeting with the developers of Unyson Framework. Sometimes we use this framework for our WordPress websites, so it’s really interesting to meet the developers and owners of the framework.

In the afternoon we finish the quarter evaluations and in the evening we have a meeting with the Moldovan sales department.

Day 4, Thursday 5 October

Today is our last day in Moldova, tomorrow we’ll fly back to Holland. But first we will discuss our quality and the integration of some issues in WordPress. In the afternoon we talk about marketing and HR cases. Among other things, the integration of We Are Best4u (this platform!) in Moldova is an important thing to discuss. Because did you know that, before this platform was available in English, a Dutch version was already live?

At night we’re having dinner with a client from Dublin, Ireland.

Day 5, Friday 6 October

This morning I check and organize my e-mail and visit the gym of the hotel. At 02:00 P.M. we’re heading to the airport and at 9:30 P.M. I’m home again.

The days in Chisinau were intensive but really useful. It’s always an inspiring and eye-opening experience to visit my Moldovan colleagues and to share our knowledge and experiences. Right now we’re ready for 2018!

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