Best4u Academy: a new web development internship
November 22, 2017

Best4u Academy: a new web development internship

Three ambitious youngsters, totally devoted to web development, start their daily work together with other Best4u Development employees. They go home in the evening, long time after the work program is over. What makes them so involved and motivated to devote their time to website development? HR manager Mihaela talked to Alexei, Leonid and Sergiu to find out their impressions and opinions about Best4u Academy.

“I was very happy to hear that I was admitted to the Best4u Academy. It feels like a starting point in my career, a chance. This step is a great achievement for me!” Sergiu tells me. He is 26 years old and graduated a few years ago (Accounting and Auditing at Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova) and he also got a Master’s Degree in this field. Until recently he was an accountant – more due to the insistence and desire of his parents. But, as it happens with many young people, his passion is in another field. He wants to become a programmer. Now he goes thriving this way.

Interns are part of the CMS department within Best4u Development. They create websites in WordPress. They have a mentor and a task: to gather enough experience to start an IT career. They start from a simple project and go to a more complex one. The internship is based on the following principle: 99% practice and 1% theory, because at Best4u we believe that you can learn much more by doing than by listening.

What our trainees mostly appreciate At Best4u Academy is the opportunity to take over the experience of those who develop websites day by day. “I learn doing projects and solving problems as they appear. Beside the fact that I really appreciate the coffee of the office (LOL),” – Alexei laughs – “I feel people are working with us, our mentors really want us to grow and make progress. Additionally I have all I need; a new computer and two monitors! I thought they would give me an old computer and a table somewhere in the back of the office. But we are like the other programmers, we have very good office conditions.”

Leonid thought that there would be “school-like” lessons: someone will talk and the trainees must listen. He also thought that there wouldn’t be so much care for what the trainees would be doing. None of his thoughts have ever come true. It’s the opposite – interns get working experience in frontend and backend, programming logic, project management, etc. Leonid’s opinion about WordPress has changed: “During the selection process I learned that I don’t know anything from WordPress. I thought it’s a simple and limited technology, but I discovered so many things that can be done in WordPress, there are so many possibilities I didn’t even think about. And I have understood that I have very, very much to learn.”

What would Alex recommend young people who pursue a career in programming? “If you learn something new: apply.” Leonid has the same opinion: “Practice every day if you want to get results. When programming will become part of your lifestyle, you will succeed.” Sergiu recommends young people to have ambition and to accumulate any experience from any attempts. “Work on small projects, even if you just go to school. If you are not accepted for an internship or job: always try to do something by yourself, and success certainly is going to come!”

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