August 14, 2018

Best4u Academy, a step to a career in IT

This is a story about perseverance, determination and chances. We have met Dumitru 2 years ago, when he asked for one month internship in our company, being student at Technical University. And, 2 years later we have met again, he sent his application for Best4u Academy.  Due to his seriousness, diligence and willpower, we have accepted him without any doubts.

What did Dumitru notice first of all, it’s a huge difference between Best4u Academy and other internships. Watching tutorials and studying independently programming is a must, but still not enough to make a significant progress, as Dumitru said “from a basic user level” to a “true developer with really useful and workable skills”. Beginner programmer needs support, guidance and trust. 

Despite the fact that Dumitru is studying Automation and informatics at Technical University, he is passionate about web development. All these years he strived to become a web developer and now his dream come true! Dumitru can program independently a WordPress website. Apparently it is not a big thing, and that is what many beginners believe. But, they get surprised! Going deeper, young programmers discover that there are so many things they really don’t know how to do, and they were not even aware of them! As Dumitru stated: “WordPress offers so many possibilities and functionalities!”

Dumitru tells us that at the beginning it wasn’t easy at all at Best4u Academy. There were exams at the University, and many tasks to do at Best4u. He managed.

“The most important is the experience. In programming it doesn’t matter the faculty you have graduated. Experience is all you need for success! Before, I was confused. I didn’t know if I want to become engineer or programmer. Now I know for sure that I want a career in web development. This internship raised my curiosity toward WordPress. Even if there are other types of programming, maybe even better paid, I see myself in web and in frontend. I know I still have to learn a lot!”.